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Every year, Aiello performs dozens of sewer line repairs and replacements for homeowners across Connecticut. And every year, we're here for those residents with great financing options, unmatched guarantees and an unparalleled main line sewer repair or replacement process.

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Broken sewer lines are extremely frustrating—disrupting your family's routine by leaving you without draining sinks, working showers and functional toilets. If you're having issues with your sewer line, call Aiello. Our highly-trained and CT-licensed plumbers are ready to handle any sewer line task—large or small—with the utmost regard and precision.


What does a sewer line repair or replacement cost in Connecticut?

  • Low: $5,900
  • Median: $7,200
  • High: $17,000

What factors affect the cost of a sewer line repair or replacement?

The price of repairing or replacing a main line completely depends on your unique situation. Typically, costs vary based on five main factors: whether your main drain can be repaired and/or needs to be replaced, the length and depth of the sewer line, what is above your main sewer line, the replacement method used and the contractor you hire to perform the work.

  • Repair vs replace: Typically, repairing a sewer line will cost less than replacing it. Depending on the severity or extent of the damage, you may not have the option of solely repairing rather than replacing the line entirely.
  • Length & depth of the sewer line: The longer the sewer line that needs to be repaired or replaced and the depth of the line both impact overall cost. This is because they're both factors in how much will need to be dug out to gain access to the line.
  • What is above your main sewer line: The landscape above your sewer line plays an important role in determining how or what can be repaired or replaced. If part of your main line that needs to be replaced is in your basement, concrete will need to be removed (and sometimes more) to access it, especially if your basement is finished. Staircases, walkways, driveways, plants, trees, and the placement of temporarily displaced soil are all additional variables that need to be considered when determining the process & methods used.
  • Type of replacement method used: The traditional method of repairing or replacing the main sewer line requires excavation to access the drain. This is the most common method used. A trenchless repair or replacement method can be used in some circumstances and can be ideal for instances when you do not want to disturb the landscape, including driveways, staircases, or trees.
  • The contractor you hire: Pricing for a sewer line repair or replacement varies from contractor to contractor. These rates are based on a contractor's experience, years in business, skill level, training, and other factors. Repairing or replacing the main sewer line is a large undertaking, so going with a company you can trust to get the job done correctly is always the right choice.

Schedule a comprehensive sewer line diagnostic today!

Better service outcomes happen with better diagnostics. With our $93 or free Main Line drain clearing special, we will come to your home, evaluate your drain issues and begin clearing! If we can't clear it, it's free! We'll even do a visual inspection of the Main Line sewer with a specialized drain camera to determine the origin of the issue once an opening has been made. See special limitations.


Honoring these great guarantees for all plumbing repairs!

  • Upfront Pricing Guarantee
    We guarantee that the quote we give you is the price you'll pay.
  • Workmanship Guarantee
    We guarantee our work. We pride ourselves on our quality and stand behind it for an entire year.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, or we'll return to make it right.

Want even more protection for your home's plumbing system?

We designed a maintenance plan with a single goal in mind: save our customers as much money as possible, without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of becoming a Service Partner Plan member include...

  • Emergency priority service
  • 15% repair discount
  • Complimentary system checks
  • 2-year extended workmanship warranty

And much more!

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Our 5-star sewer line repair and replacement process

  1. Schedule your appointment

    When you call Aiello or schedule service online, you'll chat with one of our service representatives right here in our Connecticut office. They'll greet you with a friendly "Hello, Aiello!" and take down your contact info. From there, we'll match you with the perfect plumbing specialist for the job.

  2. We introduce you to your technician

    It's important to us that you feel comfortable with your plumber, even before they arrive at your home. That's why you'll get your plumber's name, photo and a brief bio, along with a few facts about their background.

  3. We prepare for a successful sewer line repair or installation

    During your in-home diagnostic, we'll look at the location of the sewer line, the obstacles which may impede access to the piping and go over possible solutions for how to perform the repair or replacement. After assessing your home's piping, your plumber will provide you an estimate that's tailored to your sewer line repair or installation.

  4. We give you a 5-star installation or repair experience

    After determining the size and scope of the project, we'll send the necessary size team of technicians to your home to make the proper repairs or install the required drain pipe as soon as possible. In that time, our highly trained team will perform the necessary trench or trenchless work, remove some or all of the existing drain line and replace it with brand new piping.

Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our goal is to give every Aiello customer a 5-star experience. That's why we ask if we delivered 5-star service at the end of every job. If not, we'll do everything we can to correct that issue before we leave.

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“Professional, kind, answered all of my questions.”

“Aiello went above and beyond to get us into their schedule the same day when we discovered a flooded basement and our main drain line backed up. Scot was fantastic! He also took the time to coordinate several people (water company, power company, excavation) coming out the following day to replace the whole drain. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized how fast the service was for this kind of repair, especially right before a holiday when many places are short staffed. It was quite a shock and not an expense we'd planned for, but Aiello and Scot's wonderful customer service put us at ease. Also appreciate Kevin who originally answered our service request and fit us into the schedule last minute.”

—Nicole V., Connecticut homeowner

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