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If your home has backed up drains due to a main line sewer clog, call Aiello Home Services. Our highly trained drain specialists can tackle any main drain problem your home has to effectively clean clogged drains and restore optimal functionality. We understand the importance of timely drain cleaning to prevent potential plumbing emergencies and maintain a healthy plumbing system in your home. With our fast convenient scheduling, upfront pricing, and thirty-day clog-free guarantee, we are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction. Count on Aiello Home Services for reliable and efficient drain cleaning solutions that will keep your plumbing system running smoothly.


What does a main line drain cleaning cost in Connecticut?

  • Low: $93 or Free*
  • Median: $600
  • High: $1,200

What factors affect the cost of a main line drain cleaning?

  • Sewer line clean out locations: During their initial inspection, your drain specialist has to identify how to access your main line. These access points are called clean outs. Typically, your home will have multiple external clean outs or access points to your main line drain system. The clean out locations depend on where your main line drain exits the foundation of your home. The most common location is your front yard. Depending on the length of your main line drain, you may have multiple clean out locations. It is possible your home does not have an easily accessible clean out and a more extensive process is required to even access the main line.
  • Length of the main line sewer: The length of your sewer line will affect the time and accessibility to the clog. Standard accessibility is around 75 feet. This requires two passes down the line with the cable to clear the clog. Without multiple cleans outs, additional cabling equipment will be required to continue down the line to find the clog. If more attempts to clear the blockage are necessary, the job will take more time.
  • Cause of the main line clog or blockage: Standard blockages are normally caused by household items being put down the drain that should not be. Years of grease and food waste build up tend to be the primary cause, but “flushable” wipes can also cause a clog, or there can even be a combination of these items. The age of your main line drain system can also cause a blockage. If the pipe is old and brittle, shifts in the ground can cause separation. The material of the pipe can cause a collapse or if it's been compromised by tree roots, you may need to repair or replace some or all of the line, which will increase your overall costs.
  • The contractor you hire: Main line drain clogs are serious business. As such, they should only be handled by highly trained professionals, who typically charge more for their services than novice contractors. At Aiello Home Services, all of our drain specialists are highly trained, insured, and background-checked. We also go through 100+ hours of advanced training each year. When you work with us, you can trust that you're getting the best in the business!

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If your main sewer line is clogged, contact Aiello Home Services today. For just $99 or $93*, we'll send a highly trained, insured, and background-checked drain specialist straight to your door for a thorough evaluation. After a diagnostic, we'll present our honest findings, including upfront pricing on your best drain cleaning and/or repair options.


Honoring these great guarantees for all main line drain cleanings!

  • Upfront Pricing Guarantee
    We guarantee that the quote we give you is the price you'll pay.
  • $93 or Free Drain Clearing Guarantee
    If we cannot clear your drain, it’s free! You will not pay the $93 for this service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, or we'll return to make it right.

Want even more protection for your main line drain cleaning?

We designed a maintenance plan with a single goal in mind: save our customers as much money as possible, without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of becoming a Service Partner Plan member include...

  • Emergency priority service
  • 15% repair discount
  • Complimentary system checks
  • 2-year extended workmanship warranty

And much more!

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Our 5-star drain cleaning process

  1. We secure your appointment

    At Aiello Home Services, we make scheduling easy. If you suspect that your main line is clogged and you need help fast, fill out our easy online scheduling form or give us a call. We have a team of customer service professionals standing by to share a friendly "Hello, Aiello!" and who are ready to help secure a convenient appointment time for you.

  2. We introduce you to your drain specialist

    We'll send you a text with your drain specialist's name, photo, and bio. We want you to be completely comfortable with who's working in your home. To help you prepare for the exact moment your specialist will arrive at your door, you'll have the exact location of the technician as he's driving to your home.

  3. We provide you with upfront pricing

    No matter the size of the job, we always provide clear and upfront pricing before any work is completed. Feel free to ask questions, discuss your budget, and make sure you're comfortable with the scope of work involved.

  4. We give you a 5-star experience

    From start to finish, Aiello is committed to providing 5-star service. We'll put on shoe covers when inside your home, use drop cloths in work areas in your home, and work swiftly to get your main line cleaned as soon as possible. When finished, we'll answer any questions you have and make sure you're 100% satisfied with our performance.

Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our goal is to give every Aiello customer a 5-star experience. That's why we ask if we delivered 5-star service at the end of every job. If not, we'll do everything we can to correct that issue before we leave.

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“...wonderful customer service put us at ease.”

“Aiello went above and beyond to get us into their schedule same day when we discovered a flooded basement and our main drain line backed up. Scot was fantastic! Professional, kind, and answered all of my questions. He also took the time to coordinate several people (water company, power company, excavation) coming out the following day to replace the whole drain. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized how fast the service was for this kind of repair, especially right before a holiday when many places are short staffed. It was quite a shock and not an expense we'd planned for, but Aiello and Scot's wonderful customer service put us at ease. Also appreciate Kevin, who originally answered our service request and fit us into the schedule last minute.”

—Nicole V. | Connecticut homeowner

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