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Home Energy Audit in Connecticut

Save on Energy Bills with a Home Energy Assessment

Aiello Home Services has partnered with Energize Connecticut to share huge energy savings with our customers. When you sign up for a Home Energy Assessment, you’ll receive a visit from an authorized Aiello technician of Energize Connecticut, who will make on-the-spot improvements to your home's ducts, light bulbs, windows, doors and much, much more!

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On average, services are valued at $1,000 and customers save $200–$250 a year on energy bills.

Start saving with Connecticut's most comprehensive Home Energy Assessment!

Aiello has partnered with Energize Connecticut to perform comprehensive Home Energy Assessments for qualifying homes. Here are just a few of the ways we eliminate energy waste and save you money:

  • We identify critical drafts and air leaks with a blower-door whole house test
  • We assess air leaks within your duct system
  • We seal air leaks around your doors, windows and ducts
  • We install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators
  • We wrap hot water pipes with foam insulation wraps
  • We locate money-saving rebates for qualifying appliances and AC systems
  • We install door sweeps and V-channel weather stripping around doors
  • We provide incentives for insulation and window upgrades, now for all homes

In addition to the above, an Aiello Home Services technician will review the work done in your home and share additional resources for an energy efficient home.

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Earning Connecticut’s Trust, One 5‑Star Visit at a Time

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“My expectations were happily met and exceeded...”

“This was my second exposure to Aiello Home Services and like the first my expectations were happily met and exceeded. The assessment took a day and the work was thorough, professional, and perfect. I can highly recommend that every homeowner spend the minimal fee for this "Home Energy Assessment" because the knowledge they will gain about their home and their energy use is priceless. Truly, what you gain from this program is far more than what it costs.”

—Chris B. | Connecticut homeowner
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