Propane Furnace Installation & Replacement

Propane Furnace Heating Systems

When most people hear the term propane they usually picture a portable grill out in the woods during camping season. But propane has many more uses than cooking your dinner on a camping trip. Propane is used across the country to provide fuel for stoves, dryers, hot water heaters, and even dishwashers. Propane furnaces are a great option for home heating because propane burns extremely efficiently (up to a 98.5% efficiency rating) and heats homes very quickly compared to other heating systems.

Unlike natural gas heating systems where the fuel is piped in from a city line, propane furnaces need to have a tank (usually located underground) from which to draw fuel. Propane furnaces are perfect for homes where a city gas line may not reach, or for environmentally conscious individuals because of how clean propane burns. If you’re interested in having a propane furnace installed for your home heating system we would love to talk! Schedule a free estimate below to learn about your different cost and pricing options for a new propane furnace or other home heating system.


Why Choose a Propane Furnace?

What to Expect When Getting a Propane Furnace Installation

Because propane furnaces require their fuel to be sourced from a nearby tank reservoir, you will need to have one put in before installing a propane furnace. Because the location of the fuel tank isn’t dependent on a city pipeline, where your fuel tank is installed can be pretty flexible. The advantage of having all this work done is that once finished, there is very little maintenance required for propane furnace systems. That way you can just have one heating system check per year and not worry that your furnace will fail on you in the middle of the heating season.

For safety reasons, propane tank installation procedures are highly regulated by the government and can only be done by technicians certified in propane handling safety. Aiello Home Services HVAC technicians are certified experts in propane furnace repair, replacement, and installation. Aiello will provide an upfront quote so you will understand all your pricing options for your propane furnace service. This way you won’t be hit with any unapproved costs during your propane furnace service. When Aiello technicians are on the job, you can be sure it will be done right!

When You Need Heating Repair or Replacement, Aiello Is Here!

Whether you’ve had a serious heating system breakdown, you’re looking for information on a propane furnace installation, or you’re interested in a tuneup/maintenance to help increase your system’s efficiency and lower utility costs, Aiello Home Services can do it all! Reach us by phone at 888-861-8859 or contact us online and say, “Hello, Aiello!”