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Your home’ s electrical system is key to keeping you safe and comfortable — without it, you end up stuck in the dark.

Many of us take a functioning home electrical system for granted, never checking it or scheduling preventative maintenance, and only discover potential issues when those small electrical ‘ quirks’ turn into big repairs.

With Aiello’ s Electrical System Check, you can locate potential issues and deal with them while the problems are still easier (and cheaper) to manage.

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Electrical System Check Benefits

Our Aiello Advantage plan members already enjoy the benefits of a complimentary home electrical system check as part of their membership perks. We send an experienced Aiello electrician to your home to take a look at your household electrical system.

At your home, we conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure everything is running like it should. We’ll make recommendations based on what we noticed and not only make your home a safer place, but also a more efficient one that fights rising energy costs.

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The qualified, experienced professionals at Aiello Home Services have provided exceptional service to households in Connecticut for four generations. They’re not only trained to take care of your equipment, they’re also trained to respect you and your home. Schedule your home electrical system check today by giving us a call at 855-566-4432 (or contacting us online) to say, “Hello, Aiello!”

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