In Connecticut the last few years have demonstrated, painfully, that homeowners can lose power for days or longer. So, hundreds of homeowners have turned to us for help with home generators.

Find Stand By Home Generators in Connecticut

GE 15K Stand-by Generator

Aiello Home Services has a full line of standby (some call them whole-house) generators from the top names in the business, including both GE and Kohler. Aiello will handle the complete installation from arranging for the permits necessary, assisting the homeowner with finding propane suppliers (if needed) installation of the pad and the complete system.

The process of installing a generator can often take four-eight weeks between town permitting issues, installation issues and supplier/gas company coordination. If you’re ready to assure that your home will not lose power again, give us a call and let us take you through the process.

Find Kohler Stand By Home Generators in Connecticut

A Kohler Stand-by Home Generator

Transfer Switches

One last thought — many families already have portable generators. Aiello sells and installs transfer switches for use with portable generators. An electrical transfer switch is a device that switches the source of power from one power supply to another.

Aiello has transfer switches in stock and our licensed electricians will be happy to install them for you.

The transfer is typically from a primary power supply, such as the utility company, to a secondary power supply, such as your portable generator. The electrical transfer switch also switches power back to the primary power supply when emergency power is no longer needed. The transfer switch keeps the two power sources isolated, allowing for the safe transfer from one power source to another.

Portable Generator Transfer Switch Installation in Connecticut

Aiello has transfer switches in stock and our licensed electricians will be happy to install them for you.

Electrical transfer switches often operate automatically, and switch power based on power levels as well as actual outages. These switches maintain a constant level of monitoring of the electrical circuit. Automatic transfer switches can transfer power without the need for human intervention in the case of any type of power problem. In the event of a voltage change, such as a brownout, sag, surge, or spike, the automatic transfer switch will take action.

For service, an estimate, or if you have a question about installing a Home Generator, call us and just say, “Hello, Aiello!”

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