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In addition to customary plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment, we offer and install a wide range of products offering special convenience or extraordinary energy and water efficiency. Here are just a few that have become increasingly popular among Aiello clients over the last few years.

Tankless Hot Water SystemsFind Plumbing Installation Services in Connecticut

Tired of cold showers and paying to keep the water in your mammoth water heater hot? Replace that aging dinosaur in the basement and save on your utility bills. Go Tankless with the global leader in tankless gas water heating systems – the Noritz® EcoTough.

    • Endless On Demand Hot Water
    • Commercial Grade Copper Heat Exchanger
    • Lower Water Heating Bills
    • Easy Installation
    • 12 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger
    • Lower Carbon Footprint
    • Save $150-250 per year depending on use
    • Energy Star Rated
    • High Flow Rates
    • No Basement Flood Worries
    • Financing Available
    • Aiello Professional One-Day Installation
    • Save with tax credits and Utility Rebates up to $600

Low Water Use Toilets

The toilet is the biggest household water bandit; the average toilet uses 4 to 7 gallons per flush! Low volume toilets, which can easily replace your old inefficient toilet, will save over five gallons per use. If you cannot replace your toilet just yet, you should at least verify that it is working properly. You can easily check it for leaks by placing a drop of food coloring in the tank. If color shows up in the bowl without flushing, the toilet has a leak.

Low-Flow Shower Heads

Even if you prefer long showers, you can still save water. A low-flow shower head will save 50 gallons of water during a 10-minute shower and doesn’t cost that much to install. Most models have a shut off valve that will save even more water by stopping the water while you lather up. For bath lovers, a shallow bath uses less water than a 10-minute shower, so enjoy.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The perfect drinking temperature is always on tap when you install an instant hot water dispenser. Units are installed out of sight under the sink or counter and water is easily accessed with a compact faucet mounted on your sink. Give the tea kettle a rest and save time and money with this exceptional convenience!

Under-Sink Water Filtration System

You and your family can enjoy purer, better tasting water with water filtration systems that stay out of sight and require little maintenance. For pennies a day, these systems remove undesirable chemicals which may be present in the water supply, along with lead, sediment, chlorine and sources of other tastes and odors. Options range from whole-house filtration systems to those which reside under your kitchen sink and are tapped at a separate faucet. If water quality, effectiveness and convenience are things you’re concerned about, a built-in filtration system may be right for you.

Flow-Through Humidifier

With the proper level of humidity in your home, you can eliminate that dry eye, nose and throat feeling you have when you wake up in the morning. Humidity also reduces or eliminates static electricity. It protects the investment in your home and your furniture because proper humidity prevents wood from cracking and peeling.

A flow-through humidifier can be easily added to any forced air heating system. The advantage with this type of humidifier is that it provides humidity without breeding or spreading mold or mildew. This is in contrast to the humidifiers that use a reservoir where water can stagnate–a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth.

Residential Zoning Systems

Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, every electrical device in your home came on or if every time you went to wash your hands every faucet, shower, tub and toilet opened up. Ridiculous, right? So why is it that when you need heating in one room the entire house heats up? Now you can zone your heating and cooling so that you don’t have to heat or cool your entire home when you don’t need to. Our home zoning system is specially designed to divide your home’s ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently, whether heating or cooling.

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