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Reasons to Call Aiello for a Circuit Breaker Electrician:

  • Are you stuck in a house still using an ancient fuse box that seems to have problems daily?
  • Is there visible rust on your electrical panel?
  • Have you noticed a circuit breaker suddenly tripping when it never did before?
  • Have you installed new appliances only to discover your home’s fuse box or circuit breaker panel can’t handle the increased power usage?

Don’t accept inefficient fuse boxes or constantly-tripping circuit breaker panels as a normal situation.  This is how your electrical system lets you know there could be a serious problem.  Have Aiello Home Services come and take a look!

Electrical Panels: Older Circuit Breakers Might Have Issues with Current Power Usage

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Aiello Home Services Provides Electrical Panel and Circuit Breaker Repair and Service

If you need help with your circuit breaker panel or you’re looking for a total replacement of your current system, Aiello’s experienced electricians are happy to help you keep your home worry free.

We’re available, not just for basic repairs, but also preventative maintenance, total home rewiring services, and other electrical repair services in Connecticut!

No Matter What You Need, Aiello Is Here

For any and all of you circuit breaker or fuse panel repairs or other services, Aiello Home Services is happy to help! Just give us a call, or contact us online and say, “Hello, Aiello!”

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